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Originally Posted by Harra Arial
Do you prefer when the model comes up with all the pose ideas, and the "theme" of the photos and directs your work for you, or do you prefer to suggest the poses, theme, and the like for the photos?
Collaboration is the way I roll unless either I or the cosplayer/s preplan the shoot.

Originally Posted by Harra Arial
Also, who do you think should get the photos first, the model, or someone else?
Who should get the photos first? Do you mean should the photog give the photos straight to the coslayer at the end of the shoot? I never do this. If you meant, who should get the photos after processing, then of course the cosplayer.

Originally Posted by Harra Arial
And who do you prefer to decide which photos are to keep and which are to toss? Yourself, or the model? Or is it a joint effort?
I almost always decide what to keep or toss because I'm the one who processes the photos. I initially see every photo then make my selection on which gets processed. For a full blown photo shoot (50+ photos), I usually process what I like then offer the cosplayer the left over hi-res jpgs to do what they please.
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