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Muscle Suit / Latex Body Suit

Hey everyone,

I'm embarking on a mission to create a ninja turtle costume, and I want to achieve something similar to the movie versions of the costumes. At this point, I'm considering using polyeurathane foam pieces sewn to a shirt/pants and then covering it with panty hose.

Now, I realize I could just paint this green, and with a few coats it would look okay, but I want something more skin-like. So, I was considering coating the suit in liquid latex. My first question is, will this result in the skin-like appearance I'm aiming for? And, if so, I'm betting it's going to be tremendously warm to wear...

I'm rather new to Cosplaying, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, anyone care to suggest a good place to buy liquid latex in large quantities for a reasonable price?

Thanks for your help!
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