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I do that photo thing...
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Originally Posted by Harra Arial View Post
Do you prefer when the model comes up with all the pose ideas, and the "theme" of the photos and directs your work for you, or do you prefer to suggest the poses, theme, and the like for the photos?
It's usually a combined effort. It's always great to work with a model who has a stack of poses and ideas in mind for the shoot, be it mood or theme - at the same time, I do have a certain look to my photos myself, and I want to make sure what I take is something I can be proud of as well.
Most often though, my models don't have a lot in mind for a shoot, which means I do a lot of preplanning and research so that I can give ideas and suggestions for poses and the like.

Originally Posted by Harra Arial View Post
Also, who do you think should get the photos first, the model, or someone else? And who do you prefer to decide which photos are to keep and which are to toss? Yourself, or the model? Or is it a joint effort?
If by get you mean post, that's the photographer's right for first uploads, unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. The photos are the photographers, not the models, and distribution is always up to the photographer. Thankfully the cosplay community is wonderfully laid back about photo sharing.

As far as photo selection goes: even with paid shoots I choose what images get posted to my site - though in consideration to the models I usually post every image that 'turns out' because what I consider a flattering photo they may not like, and vice versa. This gives them the most choice without stripping away the work I've done because they 'don't like how they look'. I've worked with awesome people who, cosplayers or no, are not anywhere near comfortable with themselves or how they really look, and have watched great photos be nixed because they didn't like one part. That doesn't mean I won't remove a photo that someone is uncomfortable with, but I'm not fond of mass deletions simply because my model crossed their obi wrong or thinks they smile funny.
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