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WOW! I thought I was the only one who was trying to make a movie accurate TMNT. I did a lot of research on the subject. And I cannot stress this enough... you need to do a LOT of research on the subject. It's not going to be an easy task and it's going to take considerable amount of time, space, and supplies... and perhaps a bit of sculpting skills. There is no specific tutorial for a TMNT latex costume, which is a shame... but! There are tutorials for other latex costumes out there that use the same techniques, it's just a different character.

There are 2 ways you can do this. The easy way... which consists of buying it for an astronomical price, if you can find one for sale (you won't trust me) and the extremely accurate way.

The extremely accurate way will require help from others, since you might end up doing a body cast of your body, and then you'll be applying clay to the mold, making the muscle definition and such, before recasting... blah blah blah. (Links to this method below)

The easy way is to make a PVC mannequin, and use a Mr. Incredible costume suit or buy a spandex suit with some muscle structure already. I'll just give you the links to all the tutorials and research I've done in the past few months. (links below as well)

As for the painting- you'll need to buy a special air brush for latex paint and shade it. There is a tutorial on that in one of my links. And yes... it's quite hot in these suits. They are after all made out of a material that traps your heat and sweat in. lol. I recommend pounding water before and during your "trooping" in the costume.

Mr. Incredible Predator Suit- this is the BEST tutorial I've seen, with lots of pictures and such. Even though it's for a Predator, this has to be the best thing I've ever read in regards to latex.
Studio Creations- Jeff has some really good costume/prop tutorials on his website, but the one that will really help you out on this project is the Evil Ash Costume tutorial. It will teach you how to use sculpting clay, how to make a mold, and how to cast it. LOTS OF PICS! And easy to follow text/directions.
Dan Perez Studios- An interesting two part tutorial. This guy does sculpting for small statues and figures, but the same techniques apply to making a latex costume. You're just going to be using latex lol.
Liquid Latex Another tutorial site, but it's mostly text based.
Latex Batman Costume- from an E.How page, it's also text based
The Monster Makers- The end all say all place for supplies and tools in my opinion for anything latex and mask making.
Movie Prop Restoration- This guy restored Leonardo's Latex prop from the first movie. Here you can clearly see what consists of the suits and gives you a clue as to how they made the costumes. A MUST SEE for this project. Just scroll down the page, you cannot miss the Turtle. lol

I hope I helped you out on this project man. Good luck! And keep me posted in this thread or by PMing me your new thread. I'm really curious as to how you do this, and your progress! I'll be starting mine in a year, lol since I'm moving. (I don't want my clay molds to break in the move D:< )
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