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I've done an FFI Black Mage costume (well, it was technically an 8-Bit Theater Black Mage costume, but you can't tell the difference without the knives or Ice IX/Hadouken VIII spellbook props).
I'm also working on Luneth's Devout costume from FFIIIDS (I probably look more like Ingus apart from the hair length, but 1: Luneth's version is more interesting, and 2: I freaking love Luneth), as a long-term project since I really want to get it right and really don;t want to ruin the material.
I hope to some day cosplay as Edgar from FFVI. Not any time soon, but eventually, due to a person close to me being a huge fan of FFVI, and possibly wanting to do a theme cosplay when I don't look remotely like any of the other characters. (I try to pick characters to cosplay that look at least vaguely like me, or wear costumes that obscure any details that differ between myself and the character, since I don;t like using wigs, hair dyes of natural shades, or characters that have a significantly different body shape or different unobscured facial composition from myself [which can;t easily be visually affected].)
I'd like to do the FFIII Freelancer outfit eventually, or Refia's Black Mage outfit/Arc's Scholar outfit (can you tell which FF game is my favourite?), but only when and if I have the time to start doing more complex secondary/Halloween costumes, and am comfortable with using wigs. Until then,
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