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Originally Posted by KNIVES5991 View Post
i would go to acen but their prop/gun policy is a little much.

i'm confused

i have a toy gun i bought at a holloween usa in my area.

by law it has a red tip.

and doesn't fire any progectiles

now what i'm confused about is their "oh gee realistic gun policy"

okay so even a squirt gun that's orange and modled after a real 45 but is plastic and has a red/orange tip isn't allowed.

then what is?

i've never been to this con and now i might never go.
Well I know they are experimenting this year, so you may wanna swing by this thread:
for a semi-cheat sheet of stuff...
One of the experimental things there doing this year is axing the 4 foot limit...Now the prop may be NO taller then you in height (unless your 4 feet tall...>>) as a single piece construct or collapse into sections that are no taller then you... The 6 in from body thing still applies though... Only time a prop larger then you can be assembled is for shoots and stuff...yada, yada, yada...

Now to hunt down a room for ACEN and a ride....>>
*curses original room group I would have been staying with for backing out and pissing me and 4 others off...>>* Thank goodness I didn't pay yet...><
Cons for 2015:
Shutocon, Midwest Media Expo (Maybe 1 Day), Colossalcon or ACEN, AWA, Youmacon

The Cosplay File for 2015
All subject to change... (and also more then I can list...@_@) UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!
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