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Originally Posted by Jia Jem View Post
As a *sometimes* photographer, I must ask.

Do cosplayers get embarrassed or offended when photographers photoshop out certain traits? Distinguishing moles, scars, birthmarks, tattoos, piercings?

What about when it goes farther, such as skin blurring and body morphing?
As a cosplayer, I don't mind if a photographer photoshops out certain things from my skin. Like moles, scars, piercings... stuff like that. But I would prefer they leave the one that's under my eye alone. I personally think I wouldn't look like myself without it (even though I'd be portraying a character that will look nothing like me).

When it comes to skin blurring and body morphing... NO. I'd like my body to stay the same, that applies to my skin (blemishes and stuff like that I don't mind being gone though).
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