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Prop Tutorial: Megurine Luka's Chest Parts

Could this chest ornament be one of Luka's most mysterious charm points? Let's try making these brass-instrument inspired coild from scratch!!

Use thick gold rope as-is
The main material for the tutorial shown here is a vinyl-covered rope sold as most large craft stores. If you can't find the materials or materials in the color you want premade, it's also possible to create your own rope with some plush lining and fabric of your own choosing. Vinyl doesn't fray easily, so you can wear the piece without worrying that it will come apart during events or shoots.

You'll Need:

-enamel sheeting/material
-G10 glue
-Uretan Board (colorboard, thick lionboard, or thick craft foam will all do)
-spray paint (gold)
-superglue (transparent)
-kurumi buttons x3
-vinyl rope (gold)
-sautering iron (you can use a regular cutter knife if you're working with thinner foams)

Step 1 ~ Make the Box Base
Cut the uretan board and use G-bond to create a box like the one shown in the picture. Be careful, the glue dries very quickly.

Step 2 ~ Cover the Box With Enamel
Stick a layer of enamel material on the outside surface of the box you made in step 1. You're going to spray paint the piece later, so the color of the material isn't all that important.

Step 3 ~ Add the Kurumi Buttons
Apply plenty of transparent superglue to the back ridges of the kurumi buttons and attatch them to the box you made in steps 1 and 2. You want 3 evenly-spaced buttons in the end.

Step 4 ~ Spray Paint the Piece Gold
Spray gold spray paint over the entire surface of the completed box. Be sure to use spray paint only in a well-ventilated area.

Step 5 ~ Make Looped Shapes With the Vinyl Rope
Using transparent super glue, bend and secure the vinyl rope into the shapes shown. Be sure to leave a bit of extra length to connect the pieces to the main box.

(continued in the next post)
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