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Prop Tutorial: Megurine Luka's Chest Parts (part 2)

Step 6 ~ Open a Hole in the Box For the Rope
Trace the ends of your finished rope pieces onto the underside of the box and use the sautering iron to open the area up. The sautering iron is hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.
(if you're altering this tutorial for cardboard or craft foam, you can use a regular box cutter)

Step 7 ~ Insert the Rope Pieces In the Hole
Push the ends of the rope pieces through the holes. If the hole is a bit small, just squeeze the rope together a bit and stuff it in.

Step 8 ~ Glue the Rope
Turn the box over and glue the rope at the base from the inside. Make sure the hole is completely sealed.

Step 9 ~ Make a Square Piece with Rope
Using a bit of superglue on the inside of the corners, pinch the rope into the shape you want (90 degree angles) and hold in place until dry.

Step 10 ~ Secure the Square to the Rest of the Piece
Glue your square to the pieces of rope you've already installed. Be sure that the square is wide enough to extend past the base on both sides.

Step 11 ~ Make and Secure a Figure-8 Shape
Bend some rope into a figure-8 shape. Glue the ends to seal them and prevent fraying before gluing them to the rope you've already secured in each place that it crosses.

A perfect, sparkling, gold chest ornament
Click here for a picture of the finished piece

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