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T-this is interesting..

1. I'm usually the designated photographer for my cosplay I never really get a chance to get a photoshoot of the cosplays that I put so much effort into making...
So I actually get really excited when a photographer asks if they can give me a mini-shoot.

2. That said...I'm not very experienced in posing myself...I'm too used to posing others. ;~; Please help me pose! I understand from your point of view, man~ XD

3. Photoshop is rather interesting...I don't have piercings or beauty I guess I can't really say I know how a person who does have those things would feel. >.> As a photographer, my policy is to just mess with the lighting to accent the more natural qualities. And I also agree with the comment about how the skin should be neutral. Yes! It really SHOULD be the last thing the eye focuses in on. ^^

4. You want to give me a photoshoot, but don't know much about the series or my character? Not a problem~ I don't think a photographer should know every single anime/manga/video game out there. Oh, lordy.... that's wayyy too demanding. Personally, I just give a brief summary of my character...and possibly a small request. For example: My character is hyperactive, and slightly perverted. Please make me look cute. ^^

5. This...wasn't really asked...but I also think not only personality should matter..but also the mood of the photo. So by letting the photographer know that the series is a comedy, romance, action, horror, sad, 1940s, 3012, a good way to help the photographer to understand what the overall ambiance he/she should be going for.

6. And the last thing I'll get onto before I pass character vs. cosplayer appearance. Oh snap. So um...yeah...I know that a lot of cosplayers cosplay characters that are not their height. This can be solved! Angles are magical. Yes...angels are magical too...but so can angles! If you're not as short as the character you are cosplaying, just let the cosplayer know that you're character is supposed to be short. By taking photos from a slightly higher angle, you can look much shorter. The same thing with a short cosplayer, cosplaying a tall character. By taking photos from the lower base and taking a shot angled upwards, the person can look much taller. But yeah...all that was unnecessary... POINT IS....just talk to your photographer. Chances are...they know some neat tricks here and there. ^^

So um...yeah......
Cosplayers create cosplays. Photographers take photos. Cosplays and Photos are both art. As Artists, you should respect other artists. Cosplayers and Photographers both deserve equal respect! Please, don't forget that!
Thank you....and good night...
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