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Talking Rhapsody Design are great

Jennifer Maquire

Commission: Luka Megurine from Vocaloid 2
- Vest, Skirt, emblem brooch, 2 arm cuffs, long glove band, belt and mini band.

Cosplay Picture:

Time: pretty fast, approx a month?

They were wonderful, friendly people and the plus bonus is that they truly understand cosplay and what's it like in the customer's shoes. Jennifer and Matt went out of their way to pick out the perfect fabrics and recommended to me (i learn about Black Satin and Gold shuntang from them ) Then the fun chats, and progress photos help ensure how the outfit will turn out. They even provided me with extra fixing hooks, buttons and the cloth coat-bag <3

There was slight technical difficulties at times but minor accidents like slight collar ruffling. But its understandable, since I wasn't a local person. Despite client and customer living in different countries, they succeeded in bringing absolute comfort and skillful measurements.

I love most was the amazing effect on Luka's emblem, made of metal and jewel casting. Now this is what i call professional makers of craft.

Final Grade: A +
2011 Cosplay List - Anime North:

1# Cheria Barnes (need pink wig)
In progress: Costume - box-pleat skirt and long-sleeve shirt

#2 Kuroyuki-hime (ordered: purple-mix long wig)
In progress: custom making of gothic lolita dress
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