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Prop Tutorial: Kagamine Rin and Len Headsets
You guys liked the headset featured in vol. 24 so much that we got tons of requests for the tutorial. Well here it is!

When cosplaying over long periods of time or transporting props, it's nice to have materials that are lightweight but won't crush or fall apart in transport, right? Well this headset is designed around a kachusha (thin headband) and a wired ribbon for a stiff stand-up look. For Rin's headset, see the tutorial through to the end. Stopping at 9 will give you Len's. (though with a bit of color manipulation: you can do Miku and Luka's too!)

You'll Need:
-lionboard (craft foam, EVA board)
-stretch vinyl (white)
-G bond (glue)
-Hologram paper
-paperclay (white)
-wire (white)
-Ribbon piece (white)
-ribbon tie (white)

Step 1 ~ Cut the Lionboard

Using 3 mm (thickness) lionboard, cut out 2 sets like the ones shown above - ear back x2, ear front x2, long side strip x2, short side strip x2.

Step 2 ~ Stick on the Stretch Vinyl

Cover the surface of your cut pieces with the stretch vinyl using G-bond.

Step 3 ~ Stick The Paper on from Behind

Trace and cut the headset frontpiece pattern out of the hologram-paper. Spread glue on the back of your now-covered front-piece and then stick it to the face-up paper. If you want to use clear plastic sheeting or something similar, please go ahead. (not mentioned ~ but shown: there are two pieces of paper glued together to make the shape, the front is yellow and the back is silver.)

Step 4 ~ Assemble the Sides of the Headphones

After the side parts have been covered with vinyl (while they're still wet), bend them to fit the curve of the headphones. Glue them to the front piece on the sides and hold them a bit while they dry to be sure they keep their shape.

Step 5 ~ Assemble the Headband

Cut a strip of lionboard about twice the width of the side pieces you cut in step 1 and cover it with vinyl before bending it to the curve of your headband and gluing it into place. Hold the pieces a bit while they dry.

(continued in the next post)
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