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Prop Tutorial: Kagamine Rin and Len Headsets (part 2)

Step 6 ~ Attatch the Headband

Use G-bond to glue the headphone piece you made in #4 to the covered headband.

Step 7 ~ Make the Microphone

Use paperclay to mold the mic shape and wrap it tightly in the stretch vinyl.

Step 8 ~ Attatch the Mic with White Wire

Poke a hole in the paperclay with some wire, remove the wire once and fill the hole with glue. Stick the wire back inside and allow to dry completely.

Step 9 ~ Complete the Ear Parts

Secure the mic wire to the back of the left earpiece and dry completely. Then close the earpiece up by gluring the back and sides together with G-bond.

Step 10 ~ Attatch Wire to the Ribbon Base

Before sewing your ribbon pattern pieces together, layer some wire in the center (back side) of one piece as shown. Then attatch a layer of tulle trim in the same place on the other piece before sewing the ribbon shut.

Step 11 ~ Attatch the Ribbon to the Headphones

Use a machine stitch to finish your ribbon, then gather it as-shown and use a small finished piece of fabric to attatch it to the base and act as the ribbon's tie. Hand-sew to finish!!

Have a look at the completed headset here.

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