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Originally Posted by supergeekgirl View Post
Hi, CC28-goers!
At Costume-Con 28, I'm planning on running the Mousequerade, a little event just for the fun of it taking place after bowling on Monday.

I'm not sure WHEN exactly it's going to take place, but it will happen. Sometime. Probably Monday night. Anyway, waiting for Henry or Jennifer to get back to me on that.

I just wanted to start this thread to let you know so that you can start making something for it.

The Mousequerade is a cute little contest where you make a costume for your stuffed animal (it doesn't have to be a mouse; I know some cows who plan to compete this year).

So get on it, folks! I'll let you know WHEN it will be when I know.
Yeah! Remember - don't overthink it! It's supposed to be fun!
The first Mouskerade (CC16) was done with costumes made entirely at the convention.

I think I have time but I need an idea - think, think
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