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Originally Posted by FalseAngel View Post
Someday I might get to an FF3 cosplay (one of the onion kids-- NOT THE DISSIDIA ONE O: ).

But, I'm too LAZY. |D
I would LOVE to see one of the onion kids! That is defiantly old school. Awesome idea!

I've been working on a FF III cosplay, but I'm am NOT SURE AT ALL if anyone would even know who I'm cosplaying as... xP I'm doing the Nameless Warrior... Does that ring a bell...? xD He's the one on the logo for III, he's all over in Amano's artwork for FF III, but never seen in the game. But I'm still puzzled if he is Luneth or not?? An Amano Luneth?? xP Other than that, he's just known as the 'nameless warrior' or the 'unnamed warrior' VEEERRYYY Amano like lol. :P
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