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Originally Posted by Trowa Al View Post
Question for the cosplayers: We know that cosplayers get disappointed when photographers don't take your picture (they didn't see you, they were busy, you were busy, your costume(s) isn't as recognized as others, etc.) But when a photographer does takes your picture, like a few, but takes more of other cosplayers, do you feel satisfied that your picture was taken? Or do you feel that more should've been taken of your costume? Would you ask a photographer to take more of you if you wanted more pictures?
Honestly, it depends on the circumstances of the situation. If I'm wandering around a con and a random photographer passerby stops me for a shot (or 2 or 5 or however many), I'm flattered, gracious, and do my best to work well with them, whether my costume/character is popular or not. I figure if they want to take a picture of me, there's something about me that they like, whether its the character, the costume, or even if they're just doing it out of politeness. I don't need or care to know their particular motivation in order to give them a pose and a smile. Cons are busy, and a photographer can't spend 30 minutes on every person they meet. If they let me know where the photos will be posted, that's cool. If not, so what? Maybe they don't intend to post them online, and just like to take pictures. It doesn't bother me. I am generally drawn to undercosplayed and obscure characters, so for me to then complain about not getting attention would be silly!

If, on the other hand, I had made an agreement with a photographer for a 30 minute photoshoot and the photographer took a few quick snaps and took off after 10 minutes, or if a photographer I had made an agreement with decided that my tag-along friend was a more interesting subject and snubbed me in favor of photographing that person, then yeah, I'd be perturbed, as it's rude to go back on an agreement without a good reason. I once agreed to a photoshoot with 2 other friends, who were male. The photographer was not a particularly adept one, but he really wanted to shoot us and we did it as a favor to him. The photographer took about 5-10 shots of the group or individual shots of the two guys, and the proceeded to take about 50 of me solo, while the two guys stood around waiting, bored and hungry. I was quite uncomfortable with the total lack of regard for other people's time, but the photographer was a friend of one of the other guys in the photoshoot, and I didn't want to upset anybody by speaking out about it.
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