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Originally Posted by Trowa Al View Post
Question for the cosplayers: ...when a photographer does takes your picture, like a few, but takes more of other cosplayers, do you feel satisfied that your picture was taken? Or do you feel that more should've been taken of your costume? Would you ask a photographer to take more of you if you wanted more pictures?
I've been in both situations. If a photographer finds my friend more interesting, I don't take it personally. Maybe the photog likes their particular character, feels more comfortable shooting them, or whatever their reasons are.

I have had it the other way around, where I have been singled out to take more pics than my friends. It's a pretty awkward situation, but one I don't think people should take personally. Most don't.

I had one friend that would huff and puff and storm back to her hotel room when she felt I had more pics taken than her. I never blamed this on myself or the photographer... and as sympathetic as I tried to be to my friend, I think it was a particular issue that my friend had. You can't make everyone happy sometimes.
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