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Originally Posted by Fremen View Post
Its really fascinating hearing how people think. In another thread, a cosplayer complained about some photographer who took too many pictures of her. That creeped her out. In fact, after reading that thread, when I was at ALA, I consciously chose not to take too many pictures of any one person because of that reason! Sometimes you need to take more pictures because what I do is take a few pictures, then check them and if I notice something wasn't quite right like the exposure wasn't right or someone was in the background ruining the shot or whatever...then I would love to take another picture. But at that point I think I've already taken 3 or 4, and they probably want to go on to whatever they were walking to so I rarely ask to take more.
I totally understand the taking of many pictures! I mean, not only do you have to check to make sure lighting it correct, but lots of pictures is lots to choose from, and the more likely you are to get something really awesome!
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