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Originally Posted by Jia Jem View Post
I have had it the other way around, where I have been singled out to take more pics than my friends. It's a pretty awkward situation, but one I don't think people should take personally. Most don't.

I had one friend that would huff and puff and storm back to her hotel room when she felt I had more pics taken than her. I never blamed this on myself or the photographer... and as sympathetic as I tried to be to my friend, I think it was a particular issue that my friend had. You can't make everyone happy sometimes.
This is sometimes an awkward situation. Like when wandering around a convention and seeing a group of cosplayers. The question is how to avoid any problems. Often times I would like to shoot everyone individually, but that isn't always practical if the group is more than a few people. One plan might be to shoot each person sequentially, which might be time consuming / disruptive. Another idea might be to shoot only a few of them, or get group photos and then individuals of a subset of the group. Sometimes I find myself avoiding sufficiently large groups of cosplayers just because of this situation.

I have also noticed that a lot of cosplayers on here really like the idea of doing a photoshoot with a photographer. What's the best way to find out if they are interested? Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is interested in more or less photos. (ok, usually it's easier to tell if they want less...) Usually I avoid asking people to do photo shoots because I think it will inconvenience them too much. Then I read stuff here about some people clamoring for photo shoots. (or as Fremen mentioned, people who don't like that much attention)

Maybe I need a name tag sticker that says "ask me if you want a photo shoot" or something.
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