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Originally Posted by SvK View Post
The corner doesn't have to stay dark.

Unrelatedly, CPU mentioned prints in "Ask a Photographer", which makes me ask, are cosplayers interested in physical copies of their photos, the kind that can be framed or hung on a wall?
Nah. I have tons of prints and papers of various sorts lying around my room already from art classes; I wouldn't have anywhere to put them.
Originally Posted by Trowa Al View Post
Question for the cosplayers: We know that cosplayers get disappointed when photographers don't take your picture (they didn't see you, they were busy, you were busy, your costume(s) isn't as recognized as others, etc.) But when a photographer does takes your picture, like a few, but takes more of other cosplayers, do you feel satisfied that your picture was taken? Or do you feel that more should've been taken of your costume? Would you ask a photographer to take more of you if you wanted more pictures?
If it's just con snapshots? Nah, I'd just be glad they decided to photo me at all.

If I'm paying for a photoshoot, though, I expect to get my money's worth- the photographer should at least make an effort to photograph everyone equally if everyone paid for that time (if one person paid for everyone, though, then I could reasonably see taking more pics of that person). I know myself and I'm probably too timid to actually make a fuss about it if it ever happened, but I can say I'd be miffed.
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