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Originally Posted by Trowa Al View Post
Question for the cosplayers: We know that cosplayers get disappointed when photographers don't take your picture (they didn't see you, they were busy, you were busy, your costume(s) isn't as recognized as others, etc.) But when a photographer does takes your picture, like a few, but takes more of other cosplayers, do you feel satisfied that your picture was taken? Or do you feel that more should've been taken of your costume? Would you ask a photographer to take more of you if you wanted more pictures?
I would never ask a photographer to take more pictures of me. They are being nice wanting to photograph me at all. I usually hold the bags while photographers photograph the people I'm with, haha. Used to it. It hurts a little, but I understand why. I don't take it personally.

Unless I was paying for a shoot or reserved time with a group. Things should be done equally in that case (unless I was dressed as a really tertiary character or something).
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