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I have a Kenmore, Model E 16782 or whatever X__X I don't know where they print the model... thats the number on the box in bold anyway.

This is my 4th machine. I own 3 and have used 6 or more different ones.

My reason for buying this one is pretty silly... because the colour of the dials and tabs are PINK~ XD Yes, I specifically bought this machine because I liked the white and pink colour scheme.

Although, I did use another kenmore machine in the past and had no problems, so I thought this shouldn't be a problem either. And it DID have all the specifications I wanted: top loader, 20ish stitch or so. So it wasn't completely just cosmetics... I got lucky that I found a colour I wanted with the specs I wanted.

Most common stitches that it will be used for is just straight and zigzag anyway, so I'm not too worried about all the fancy embroidery expensive machines. Especially since they have the semi-automized function where the needle always go back to up position. I prefer the needle stopping immediately when I stop my foot, but I find the fancy computerized ones to have a very slight lag that makes a difference in my sewing. I have to anticipate and stop sewing a second before I actually stop sewing... it was very disconcerting.

My older machine is a brother (I think, can't remember right now) that was on sale for 100$ or so, and only has straight and zigzag stitch. Had no major problems with it, but it wasn't as smooth as my current one. Does tend to tangle or pull with certain types of fabrics.

Another thing I do: Buy machines from places that allow you to return them within a set time (a month usually). Test the machine out, make something with it. Decide if you like it or not. Return it if you don't like it. (I have bought and returned 2 machines this way, because it just didn't feel right.)

You should shop around and find the machine just for you! I <3 my machine, her name is Kurin XD Different people have different preferences for what kind of machine they like. Kurin is usually nice to me (does gets her PMS once in a while), and is not too loud.

Another thing is that I find top loading machines much easier to load than bobbin than front or side loading machines... and I just stick to top loading machines now. However, I've had people tell me that front/side loading machines tends to tangle less... but since I don't have major problems with my top loader (and I have been sewing since 8 or 9 years ago, using 90% top loading machines) I shall stick to it~ Tried and true for me~ I waste a lot more time trying to thread the bobbin correctly on front/side loading machines that it's just not worth it... I know I used to be good at it (my first machine which I used for a year was side loader) but somehow I completely forgot how to thread it after I switched to top loader...
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