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Name of Commissioner: JDscosplay
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned & series/video game: Kazuki (di[e]ce) ~ jacket, cape, pants, shirt and tie
Reference picture:
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): 3 months

Pros: JD was very quick to respond to the initial commission request, meticulous in clarifying which pieces to make, and collected measurements quite professionally. The price I was quoted ($230) was very reasonable and included shipping. I didn't initially request the shirt and tie, he offered to throw them in at no additional cost. When I recieved pictures of the finished work ~ I asked for a small alteration to be made (based on a mistake in one of my own references). He provided it graciously without additional cost. The jacket and cape look wonderful and fit like a dream. The entire costume is gorgeous on the hanger.

Cons: JD was pretty hands off when it came to the work itself. I'm used to having regular updates (once every few weeks) from commissioners. Maybe I'm spoiled. But JD didn't provide any status updates at all until he was finished. When I pestered him about recieving an update he seemed to be really annoyed with me for rushing him. (I had paid for my whole costume up-front due to paypal problems, so I was pretty worried about this one from the get-go). To be fair, he did make good and eventually provided pictures of the finished goods.

The quality of some of the materials chosen could be higher. Snaps are small plastic and clasps are on the flimsy side and feel about to snap off at any moment. I think I'll end up replacing them all just to be safe. The pants look great on the hanger, but are unwearable without additional alternations as they're unlined and the white fabric used is completely see-through. The holes at the knees and sewn-in pockets make wearing tights or leggings underneath problematic ~ since the pockets still show through the front completely

If you're ordering something in white, be sure to specify that the pieces should be in a thicker fabric, lined or opt out of pockets (and wear leggings underneath).

There are small black stains on the cape shoulders and collar and there's one noticeable red stain on the clasp of the pants (it almost looks like marker). Marks used in construction have not been completely erased.

There is a placement accuracy problem on the insignia on the cape. According to the reference pictures (including the ones I sent), it should be on the side of the shoulder. On the finished cape, the insignia is on the back shoulder (very strange placement for a school badge and an obvious inaccuracy).

The shirt is quite nice... but none of the button holes are open! They're all sewn as if to give the illusion of holes... but no buttons will button ^^;;; (though I didn't actually pay for the shirt, so it isn't a huge deal).

Comments: aesthetically, JD is quite simply, awesome. The cut is perfect, the fit is fabulous, and the sillouette is as accurate as it could possibly be. His stuff LOOKS amazing. Just be aware that the materials used may not be the best quality you could ask for and that some pieces may require reworking before being useable, especially if you want them to hold up in the long term. JD also seems to take on a lot of projects at once, which might lead to slow responses, less communication, slightly inaccurate garments and unopened buttonholes ^^;;;

Even so, I'd like to work with him again. I think the quality of the useable pieces I did recieve (jacket and cape) outweighs the dissappointment of having to re-commission or deconstruct and repair the pants.

Final Grade: B+
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