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First, I ordered my hat back in Sep of last year; it is going on seven months
Now and I still havenít recived my Goblin hat from FF 11, when I ordered my hat I had a funny feeling this was going to a pain in the bum and I heard and read other peoples reviews but I didnít get to see much of thoses reviews now, I took a chance and had to test the waters to see if they was fast but I was sadly tookiní back by how they treat there commissioners, second they need to get there shite together and hire more people to do the work, I know they have put some ads up that there looking for people.
Ok so I ordered my hat in Sep of last year I thought it would only take four months or so, I got my order in before the deline around Sep 15, and after I got my money in I didnít hear from them until the end of Sep stateing that they was almost done with my hat, I was happy to get it so fast and thought about asking them to do another commission for me, next month rolled around which was Oct no word from them nor nothing in the mail so I e-mailed them around the 15th of Oct and they came back saying that the hat wasnít done yet and they needed to order something in the mail and would get it in a few days then they would send the hat off and give me a UPS number, so the next month rolled around which was Nov, I e-mailed them again and they came back stateing they was done with the hat and would send me a e-mail with the UPS number, that month went by and Dec rolled around I was fixing to e-mail them again but I got some stuff through the mail from them like cards and other stuff but no hat. I then e-mailed them again the next month which was Jan they stated they was done with the hat and would mail it off soon I got a UPS number and they told me to wait a few days before using the number I waited about five days before using it and finding out the number would not work, I e-mailed them again at the end of the month and asked what was up with the number it dfidnít work, they came back stateing that they went to the craft store and found some cloth/fake leather that would look better then the cloth they used on the hat and I said ok happyly thinking that was nice of them but in the back of my mind I just wanted my hat , they added me on Twitter I thought that was nice. I skiped a month thinking they need time to remake my hat, now I e-mailed them in march of the 15th asking about my hat and I wanted to see some photoís of the hat to see how far along they are. I since have e-mailed them through out the month of March with no word.
As someone stated on hear, do not commission theses people they are not worth the time nor money to spend on theses people so they can go out to cons and do other things.

Grade: A big fat "F".
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