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1) The cropping is too tight. Not showing your legs and cropping right above your head makes it look odd. If your photographer had taken a step to the right and centered herself on the bench instead of you, it would help balance it out also.

2) I don't like the harsh lighting in this one, the wall it falls on your face and your hair blocks your eyes. One side of your body is too dark and the other is too bright.

3) Again, lighting issues make your face/eyes hard to see. The bright side of your dress is blown out, which means you lose the details of the dress. If you made that dress, you'd want people to see all the details of your hard work on it. Composition is much better. The lines in the background would make for an interesting pattern if your camera could blur the background a bit. And the cropping cuts off your hair things.

4) Lighting is much better. Your face is well lit, though your eyes are still a bit hard to see. The trees in the background are a bit distracting to me.

5) Nice shot overall. All the lines flow to the subject and draw your attention there. Dress is still too bright though.

Good first shoot. Hope to see more!
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