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Name of Merchant COSFACTORY
Item purchased Kagamine Len costume L-size, Kagamine Rin costume M-size
Photos: in action (after fixes, the original headphones have no microphones and are much more overstuffed, leg-warmers have been pinned up)
Timeline two weeks (within Japan)

CosFactory is a Chinese mass-manufacturer who operates in Japan through a Japanese contact. In spite of the site being in Japanese and the funds going to a Japanese bank account ~ the costumes are shipped from China and the Japanese/English in mails can be a wee bit garbled. Even so, the experience was mostly a positive one. They also sell costumes through auctions, so you may run into them there.

Pros: The costumes are, for the most part well-made and the price is pretty much unbeatable for a complete costume set. The stitches are tight, the pieces are all finished and there aren't any loose threads even after wearing them 6 or 7 times in a variety of bars, schools, beaches, and event halls. They're sturdy and they look nice. They fit well-enough for pre-made costumes and (rare for a Japanese cosplay site) they offer an XL size.

Shipping was reasonably fast for an international package, arriving in about 2 weeks. The costumes arrived well-folded, unstained and reasonably packaged. Coloring is, for the most part spot-on (though Rin's shorts are the wrong color - black instead of dark grey). Mechanical details and trims are in vinyl and look great. The text on the leggings is also accurate to the character designs. The fit is also a bit baggy (especially on Len's) which, in his case, is exactly how it ought to be. The volume in the leggings and armwarmers is more substantial than in most of the other VOCALOID costumes I've seen ~ which makes them look a bit more accurate in sillouette.

Cons: We recieved the wrong size for Rin's costume (we got an L instead of an M) and had to take it in. Contacting the company about the error led them to give us a story about the wrong sizing tags being used in the costume and assuring us that they were the right size... we checked the measurements... they weren't right. The leg-warmers are also humongous and need to be pinned up/altered quite a lot to wear. It seems they aren't sized along with the costumes but made one-size-fits-all-jolly-green-giants.

There was also quite a lot in the way of cheap/reused materials being passed off as new ones. The inside of buttons are corroded away and seem to be tens of years old, pulled off of discarded clothing to reuse in new costumes. Some of the paint was chipping off of the rusted buttons to show the damage underneath.

But the worst part by far was the headphones ~ not only are they ugly as sin -- when I tried to take the stuffing out of them to de-poof them a bit, I found out they were stuffed with dryer lint from freshly-treated wool instead of clean fill. I ended up visiting the hospital with symptoms of formaldahyde poisoning 2 hours later.

Do not open plush pieces from them! It can make you sick!

Overall: In the end, after some repair-work, fitting and replacement of the noxious dryer-lint fill with clean fill ~ the costumes were good to us. We've gotten more than our money's worth. That said, I'd recommend looking at all of your other options too before getting a costume here as they aren't exactly honest about their goods in how their presentation.

Final Grade: B-
Basement Sale: Touhou: Mokou costume, clearfiles/shitajiki, NeoRomance/Angelique artbook, etc.

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