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Catnip Cookie's review.

Name of Commissioner : Catnip Cookie akaisha0

Website/ gallery :
Character commissioned and series/video game : Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood (purple dress calendar version) :
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item :
this is what she SHOWED me at the end of the day (27th March). :

This is what reality is..

12. where does that go? Look at the end of the dress? It's..... unexplainable.... untidy..
13. not a straight line..
15. no idea how this works..

more to come for the inner part of the dress.

Timeline : 3 months in advance is what she asked for. I ordered in Nov 09, got the item in March 10(item supposedly due), with total of 4 months.
Describe your Experience.
Pros :
1.Nice communication. A sweet girl to talk to, though till the end, she's getting harsh.
2.I love the color of the dress, it's pretty...
3.I love the corset, though, not properly lined.
4.I love the color of the shoe, even though the color is off.
5.She gave me 25% discount for this dress, and 25% discount for my following order (which obviously I won't be commissioning from her again. NEVER)
6.lovely fabrics...
Cons :
1.UGLY stitches.. ugly finishing. DOESN'T look like a $615 dress at all.
2.I was asking for 3 layers of ruffles.. but what do I get? Nothing..
3.As you can see in the pictures, the dress is not done properly. The lines/stitches are not straight, is that done by hand or machine? Either way, no commissioners should make this mistake!
4.Inner part of the dress.... I actually do not dare to even look inside of it.. after lookin outer part of the dress....
5.the inner part of the dress, is like a P.O.C (piece of crap), you can see, threads everywhere (even you can see it outside, but it gets worse inside)
6.oh, right, she did say, the dress will be EMBROIDERed with her OWN hands.. but in the end, I got, HOT GLUE GUN with pearls! I know how to do that!!! I don't even need her help in this if she does it like that and charged me $615 for it!
7.Spider webs everywhere (hot glue gun webs) on the dress... could you imagine your $600 dress with spider webs?
8.Horrible horrible stitches, I can't seem to stress that enough.
9.The inner part of the dress is a total disaster..
10.The thread on the dress, stops right in the middle...
11.the connection of the velvet and the dress is also a total disaster! That is the worst work I have ever seen, well unless that person is not a well trained commissioner. I think she did say she is a well trained commissioner...
12.she said she'll be sending a instruction? I have no idea where that goes..
13.I have no idea how that petticoat works.. It looks to that the “petticoat” she brought are window blinds......... white.
14.missing Leggings. Told her about it, but she never reply me anymore. Mayb I could make a dispute on items not received??? :/
15.Those areas that are not good/ with ugly stitches (though the part where the dress and the velvet joined aren't), could be covered with corset. But!!!!! would you, the commissioners, do that when you make a dress? What if I dont want to wear the corset??
16.I have no idea how that dress works out.. It seems our agreement are totally different. She doesn't seem to follow what I needed. I have told her many times that I need 3 layers of ruffles, but she give me nothing.
17.Scalloped shaped dress at the bottom? NONE!!!
18. corset is nice, BUT there's something missing.... no LACING in front. oh, she told me it would look fake with it so she took it off (Without asking me? though she apologizes for not asking for my opinion before she does anything.)

Comments : I have given her 5 full months, and she is LATE in sending in the costumes. I started paying her on 9th November 2009, My deadline is 15th March, I got the costume on 30th March. My con is 2nd April. The dress is OBVIOUSLY done in a rush as well. I asked if she needed more time, she said, it's coming along fine. BUT it's not. The progress pictures I have been asking for since Nov, is not sent to me on time. She told me she doesn't have cable so she could not show me the pictures. So around, 27th March, she showed me at last, the pictures I have posted above, the ones she gave me, the BIG picture. I saw it, I obviously loved it of course! It was gorgeous! BUT!!!!!! look at her work!! It's untidy and not neat at all! I DO NOT recommend commissioner like her. It's obvious she overcharged her customer and giving RUSH orders work when 4 full months are given to her. And, be aware that she shows you big picture instead of the details. The details are totally HORRIBLE!!!!! I can't accept it as a buyer. No one would used $600 to get a dress like that!!

I have not even tried on it yet, because I am afraid of MORE ugly outcomes... and, I can't seem to make myself accept that "ugly" dress for $615 (oh 25% discount for me, because she sent the costume late to me.)

She doesn't reply me anymore since she take me as “spammer”. She was MIA for 3 full months. I kept sending her msg but there is no reply. I obviously turn to Paypal to file a claim. When she got back to me, I closed the dispute. Which buyer, in their consience, would not be nervous and restless when they don't get to be in touch with their commissioner that has their $600 in the commisioners' hand and not replying in 3 months? She doesn't even email me to update me her progress, in which, actually what a commissioner should do. Which buyer aren't nervous about the final products when it's way past the deadline? She doesn't reply me anymore and I can't work it out with her, so I am reviewing her dress here in
If you don't mind being commissioned by her which charged overprice to customers and giving rush order works, by all means, go for it.

I can't get any refunds.. not from paypal because I received the item and the payment is made and the item I got is after 45 days..
is there anyway for me to get 1/2 of it back?
i'm willing to pay for the materials.... but I AM NOT WILLING TO PAY FOR THE LABOR! overcharged and ugly horrible..
so please... anyone can help me with this?

I can't believe she told me the order is made in January....
I paid in Nov and Dec, and the order is made in January?

She doesn't even wanna talk to me now, it's hard to talk to her over the email when she doesn't reply.
Final Grade: F + (+ for lovely fabrics and nice communication in the beginning but get worse at the end.)
Do NOT approach this commissioner under any circumstances.
Lesson learned, do not approach any commissioners with no/little feedbacks. I kinda know/ understand why, even though she took in many commissions, that no one would wan to review her. A bad luck to me. I dont want it to happen to other ppl.
I warn you people, she is not a professional. AT ALL. so you're being overcharged.
the dress is a DISASTER.. T_T

oh yea, where are my leggings again?
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