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Wig Tutorial: Accurate Hatsune Miku (VOCALOID) (part 2)

Step 5 ~ Stick on Extra Hair 1

Section off the extra hair into seperate pieces. Each one should be a little thick. Take each section in turn and spread cerpenter's glue liberally to one side of the ends. Stick the glues portions to the mesh-covered styrofoam ball.

Step 6 ~ Stick on Extra Hair 2

When you're finished gluing on the extra hair, it should look something like this. Leave the piece to dry for some time before gluing the remaining hair lightly to the mesh so that it won't displace or tangle.

Step 7 ~ Harispray

Spray the tails with hairspray and use your hands to smooth the hair fibers soon after. Take this chance to rearrange hair or cover any bare spots where the mesh shows through. You should use a hard-type hair spray.

Step 8 ~ Adding Wefts 1

Sew wefts into the mesh/hair core. This time, flip the piece so that the foam ball is on the bottom and the thin piece is on the top. Move from the bottom toward the top while attatching wefts for the best coverage, working around the tails to cover the whole surface with wig hair. Don't worry about adding many wefts to the top of the wig as the hair from your vances will cover the top of the wig mesh.

Step 9 ~ Adding Wefts 2

This time, add wefts to any bare spots or pieces where your filler hair is showing through. There will likely be quite a few near the bottom and center. Again, don't worry about the top ~ your vances will cover it.

Step 10 ~ Sew in the Vances

Poke the ends of your twintails into the purchased vances and sew them securely into the clips. Be sure to hide the mesh base completely before sewing. Use sturdy or doubled-up thread.

(continued in the next post)
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