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Originally Posted by McKisses View Post
I'm totally new to cosplaying,but since I have the opportunity to attend Otafest this year I figured i might as well ^.^

height: 5"10
weight:154 lbs or 70kg
eye colour:dark brown to light brown to hazel(depending on my mood)
hair colour: naturally dark brown and i will be dieing it back or any other colour depending who i end up cosplaying
Wig: I don't have a lot of money so wigs are kinda out of the question
Skin: umm pale


Hmmm....Well your hairstlye makes me think of Sakura from tsubasa.....
If you flatten your hair Maybe Yuuki from Vampire Knight
haruhi suzumiya from Melancholy of Haruhi

Right now thats all my brain could come up with with your hairstlye, theres probably bunch more you just have to look lol
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