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Moon Costumes


Item purchased
Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2, 1 full costume

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February-March 2009 (about 6 weeks)

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments
Overall this was a pleasant transaction, but unfortunately it had a few little quirks along the way. To start off, the price of the costume was a little high, but the shipping price was pretty low, and since the company is based in America i figured it wouldnt take too long to arrive, since i only had about a month as a deadline. my first problem was the size chart. i have pretty small proportions (bust of 32 in, waist of 25.5 in, and hip of 33 in), and the smallest size they had was bust of 33, waist of 27, and hip of 36.5. these were the minimum, and unfortunately this site only does chart based measurements (what i found hysterical was that under all of the costumes in the cosplay section, there is a little box that says "CUSTOM", though this is clearly not the case once it comes time for measurements) so i ordered the smallest size they had. i was told it would come in about two weeks, so i patiently waited. when the two weeks had passed, i used the tracking number they had given me and discovered that my package was still halfway across the country, and it was estimated to arrive within the next week. this was no problem for me since my deadline was still well over a week away, but it wouldnt leave me much time to get it tailored, which i knew i would have to do. the real kicker was when the costume finally made it to my state. apparently, moon costumes gave the mail service specific instructions that, if i was not home, to take it back to their storage warehouse and if i did not pick it up within 48 hours, they would ship it back to the factory and i would have to pay to have it reshipped. now, no one told me this ahead of time, i had to find out through a note left to me by the mail carrier! so after already having to wait the extra week for it to get here, now i had to save it from being returned! i drove about an hour to the warehouse to pick it up, and after all that, it was HUGE on me. i knew it was going to be a little loose and i would have to get it taken in, but this costume was flat out HUGE. after having it taken in twice, it finally looked like it was made for someone my size.

Final Grade:
while the costume itself was beautiful, their policy on sizing was kind of tedious, and whatever they tried to pull with the delivery thing was just plain odd!
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