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Originally Posted by Rustic View Post
Snarky Hey! I can see Tsunade from Naruto (or here's an alternate version of her). I also see Orihime from Bleach or I also think you'd make a cute Renge from Ouran High School Host Club.

Anyone want to help me out? I've been going to cons as a photographer, this will be my first cosplay D:

Crossplay or whatever is fine (:
Thank you! Extremely helpful! ^-^
Hehe, I think I'm going to be forced to do a Tsunade cosplay one day... I've had a lot of people tell me to do it. :]
Never really thought of Orihime or Renge. But I like 'em!

For you, Sailor Mars kind of popped into my head. Or maybe Tomoyo from Tsubasa?
Hm... I'll keep thinking. ><
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