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Name of Commissioner

Website/ gallery

Character commissioned and series/video game
Paine from FFX-@2, full costume with accessories

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item
i will have a photo this weekend

March 23 2009--April 6 2009

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments
Well first off, i would like to point out that pretty much no one sells Paine costumes on Ebay, so i had a choice between only about 5 different costumes. that being said, it was a relatively quick choice. i didn't have a lot of time because i had a con coming up a few weeks and one in june, so i needed the costume relatively quickly. i had never actually heard of languifangoo before, but the pictures of this cosplay on her page looked better than ones i had seen for over $200, and hers was only about $140 without shipping. With shipping, it came to a little under $180. Now, as i've mentioned before, i still did not have paypal, and unfortunately this was the only payment method she could accept, so i actually bought it through a friend's ebay account, which turned out to be a little bit of a strange situation but it wasnt a huge deal ^^. anyway, after i sent the payment, i sent the measurements, but the next day i realized i had sent in a hip measurement that was an inch or two too small, so i immediately sent in a new set of measurements. i thought it might have been too late, but she sent me back an email about two days later saying it was no trouble, and that, if i needed, she would throw in a wig for free. i don't commission much, but im pretty sure sellers don't just throw in wigs for the hell of it that often XD. so i soon got a tracking number, and it arrived at my friend's house within five days (again, i used my friend's ebay account, so obviously it went to the address on her paypal account too ^^). i tried it on, and everything fit better than i expected. the construction of the costume made it look amazingly authentic, yet it was easy to get into and out of. the wig that came with it, which i was expecting to be just a plain silver wig, looked absolutely stunning and was closer to what Paine's hair would actually look like than wigs i've seen for over $300. the only thing that annoyed me a bit was that it didn't come with the bra underneath, which i thought it would, but i can get one of those anywhere for like 10 bucks or less so really it was not an issue. i just got the costume yesterday so i have yet to really put it to the test, but i wore it for a few hours and it was quite comfortable, even the choker and the many belts, so i assume it will hold up pretty well in the future.

Final Grade
I would most definitely order from this seller again ^^
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