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catnip cookie

Name of Commissioner: CatNip Cookie , Akaisha0
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned & series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Yuna FFX summoner, I ordered the whole set..
Reference picture: http://downshifter.files.wordpress.c...10-yuna-a1.jpg
Timeline (how long your order took to process): 3 months

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item and comments:

I'm sorry my pictures were taken by my mobile camera that's why you can't really see details of how messy it's painted.
This is what I hate the most, the obi , it's TOO large. As you can see it's painted while I asked to be embroided ! and the painting is bad bad bad.. looks really unproffessional! When i get it on, it looks afterwards like this: . I have to glue the whole thing !
The bra is also TOO large and it's even blue while it should be black. It doesn't fit and i can't wear it.
horrible painting. I do not have a picture of it backwards but it looks really weird :s
the only thing i like a bit is the sleeves , again too big for me! It constantly falls off my arm , again, I needs to fix it. Look at this should it not be purple pearl like things instead of grey tape ?
bad stitching this is what worries me the most too the white top is too big , needs to fix it..
skirt is too long again it's painted while i asked for embroiding looks unproffesional done. It's even not ironed. Really hard to get it on this time it's too small.. and she cut in the skirt...

Comments : I ordered the whole set , including the accesoires and all I get is the skirt, the white top , the obi, the bra, the bow and the shoes! I did not dare to wear it to the con because I know people would laugh with me, it looks like some item bought off ebay! she offered me a discount on the next order because she made a mistake and painted it. But who wants to buy another piece of crap like this ?? It doesn't look like the real thing and it's not the money worth.

She offered me to sell the costume for less money and make a new one for an extra fee, does she thinks that i will pay a big amount of money and wait months again , um , i don't think so..

She is not a proffessional commisioner, like the lines are not straight done. I think she should take less commisions and focus on her work instead of taking massive commissions and do only half work !

When i looked at her profile I really thought my cosplay was going to be awesome like her's but no, you can tell the difference between her personal work and the work she makes for others, too bad.

1. She refund me for the items I did not receive and refund me for the items i asked to be embroided while she did paint ( I still had to pay the standard for the painted one).
2. She excused herself a lot of times to say that she's sorry I don't like it and offered I can sell it.
3. I think she has the capacity to make good costumes because she says it herself it's not her best cosplay she has made.

Final Grade: D

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