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Catnip Cookie's review - wig

Name of Commissioner : Catnip Cookie akaisha0

Website/ gallery :
Character commissioned and series/video game : Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood (purple dress calendar version) :

photos of the wig :

pros :
1.I love the wig, the color and the style, it exceeds my expectation.
2. i liked the flowers super glued on the wig as well, instead of being "sew" on it, like she has told me.
3. the color of the wig matches the dress very well.
4. there was the braid at the bottom of the wig which I like very much.

cons : nothing much I don't like here, except for being smelly from the spray she used. It's normal, because all spray smell. XD

comments : Nothing much to comment for the wig, I can't express how much I like the wig.

Final Grade : A- (emailed her multiple times, but she never replies.)

to akaisha : I could delete the comments and jus post the pictures I took, the story will still be the same. Late package, ugly bad stitches etc... I am sorry if you think I am being very bias. I emailed you, but you never replied, I have no other choice... you glued on the pearls without having it embroidered (and charge me for the cost of embroidering), you have bad stitches on the dress, stitches and threads are not ended properly.
Where is my leggings and instructions? I paid for the leggings.
Everytime you posted a reply to me in the forum, I sent you an email.. but you never reply me. You never respond to me anymore and how am I suppose to talk to you about what I don't like? I am jus commenting on what I felt and what I see from the dress you have commissioned for me.
I emailed you again (I am not very sure how many emails I have sent you), I hope to resolve this problem through email instead of public forums, but if you never reply me, I can jus leave the review jus like that...

and you were fast in replying my reviews of you in forum.. so what happened to emails?
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