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Name of Commissioner: BlackMoon Cosplay


Character Commissioned and Series: A wig of Husky from +Anima.

Photos: (These are the final shoot photos she sent to me before shipping. It also looks a lot better in person!!)

Timeline: Officially ordered in February with a deadline of between April 10th and 12th. It arrived today, the 9th, a day early! So, about 3 months since I ordered it way before it was needed.


She's very sweet, and my overall experience with her was quite enjoyable. Since I was requesting such an off color, she made sure I knew that I could very possibly be getting a color not quite like I wanted. When I emailed for an update, she gave me a response the same day. The wig itself is quite pretty (it's very accurate), and I loved that she sent it to me on a wig head. I would definitely do business with her again~!

Cons: The only problem was that the wig ended up getting a little thin in the back, but she pointed it out to me when the images were sent, and even gave me a blue wig cap to help blend it. Otherwise, there was no problems whatsoever. :]

Other Comments: If you can't tell, I am very happy. :3

Final Grade: A!
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