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Name of Commissioner: cocosilverhk
Character commissioned and series/video game: Chihiro Ashihara from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4, full costume (minus accessories)
Reference Picture: ('scuse the webcam quality...)
Timeline: March 24 2010-April 9 2010 (shipped on the 7th), approx. 2 weeks
(note: I made the belt myself, the full jacket length is mid-calf)

Comments: Wow, it was a lot nicer than I thought it would be. Having heard some horror stories about China/Hong Kong costume sellers I wasn't too sure which way to go, but I'm glad I went with cocosilver. I mean, first of all, all the other Chihiro costumes I found on ebay, Rakuten, etc. were REALLY slim pickings-- coco's is by far the most elegant-looking I was able to find (some costumes by other vendors had more technically accurate features, like a rounded yoke in the back and the strip of green around the hips, but the tailoring and fabric quality looked like a cheap Halloween costume).

The outfit is 2 pieces, a long jacket and a skirt.

The skirt/flared sleeves are made of a soft kinda spandex-y deep blue satin. It's shiny, but not glaringly so, at least not under natural light. (It might be overly reflective with flash photos, but flash can make almost anything look bad.) The hems are finished with a rolled hem, opposed to being turned under and stitched over. The skirt has a 1" wide elastic waistband.

Now for the jacket: it's made of satin too, but a much much duller variety, more like bridal satin maybe? It almost feels like a poly suiting. It's fully lined with a pale green fabric, which is a nice touch. The gold tape is a metallic enamel/PVC and the leaf/flower designs were painted on with blue. There is an conceal zipper in the back.

As far as the fit goes, I ordered a standard XS size and it basically fits like a glove, though I've got to wear a bra with it to fill out the bust properly. The sleeves are a little long on me, but not to the point that it feels impractical. I can't really complain much since I did not specify custom sizes.

Final Grade: A
Really nice costume, not 100% accurate to the reference like my inner perfectionist would have liked, but I got exactly what was advertised and it's definitely the best out of the available selection, especially considering the low price and prompt shipping.
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