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Name of Merchant: Jolien Rosane/Lady Tyrona
Item purchased (please include quantity): mermaid tiara (1)
Links to picture(s) of your received item:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): 7-12 days
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.: I first found this merchant browsing around DeviantArt and saw that she was making and selling pieces of a mermaid costume she had made for herself (tail, beaded bra, tiara, etc). I contacted her a couple weeks ago and received an almost immediate reply; she lives in the Netherlands, so there is a significant time difference. She was very pleasant to communicate with, even when I admittedly nerded out when I gave a backstory for the original character I wanted the tiara for (I felt the need to explain it so she would have a better idea of what I was looking for than just Ďmake thisí). She let me know when she received my payment, when she finished the tiara, and when she sent it out. I replied to let her know when I had gotten it (about 5 days from the postmark to the day I got it in my hands) and she messaged me back; it felt more like talking with a friend than just a seller. The tiara itself is admittedly a bit off (thereís a center part that makes the whole thing want to slide forward on my head, but thatís to be expected) and there is a fair amount of hot glue traces on the bands. Honestly, that doesnít bother me because once I put it on it looks great and unless someone took the tiara off my head the hot glue isnít visible at all. The beads and pearls are glued on as well as tied down so they have double protection from falling off. The only things I watch out for are the two strings of pearls that dangle as they do tense up once the bands are moved to fit my head.
Final Grade: A+. Jolien is such a sweet person and a joy to talk with regarding costuming and ďgeekingĒ out; she even suggested a couple of things I could include with my costume that I never even thought of! The tiara looks wonderful when itís worn, maybe not as impressive when itís just sitting on a table. I really do recommend her for her products.
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