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Originally Posted by wanderingdreamr View Post
If anyone has done Echo yet, got any suggestions for the pattern for her dress? It looks rather simple but I'm being cautious and seeing if there are any patterns for that I can use/adapt pretty easily.
I haven't done Echo, but I'll try to throw some advice in anyway!!

To make life as easy as possible, I'd head to a thrift shop and find a white dress shirt with the right type of collar, to wear underneath, instead of working it into the dress and sleeves; you could probably even sew it into the dress if it moves around and wrinkles too much. I reckon if you treat the dress as 1) the shirt 2) the dress and 3) the sleeves, it'll be pretty easy to put together.

For the dress, I suggest a simple, fitted dress, such as this one with a few slight changes, for the base, and since I've never been able to find any kind of pattern for the kind of front the dress has, I'd say just draft it yourself. Actually, it would be pretty cool to have the dress open with a zipper at the front, as it would be covered with the button-up flap at the front. I still don't get how anime characters get their clothes on with no buttons or zippers...I suppose they're born with their clothes on already xD

Sleeves should be easy enough to create by yourself, and could be attached with buttons, elastic, or even velcro to the white shirt =D

Sorry if that was completely useless, but I hope it helped a little! Good luck!! <3
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