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Prop Tutorial ~ Fake Cigarettes (Durarara!)

super-easy fake cigarettes

These are perfect for people too young to purchase real tobacco products! Just by adding a filter portion, you can make dozens of cigarettes for only a few bucks. The 100 yen shop has everything you need, too ~ so it's a great choice for people who love to cosplay on the cheap!

You'll Need:

-a brown envelope
-glue sticks (white)
-a box-cutter
-a cutter mat

Step 1 ~ Finda a glue stick the right size for a base
Glue sticks about 10cm long and 7.5mm thick are best. Opaque white gluesticks are ideal.

Step 2 ~ Cut a filter from the envelope
Cut a long strip the desired width of your cigarette's filter from the envelope using your cutter knife and mat. A plastic ruler will help you get a clean, straight line.

Step 3 ~ Glue the back of the filter
Choose a glue that will bond well with plastic to ensure the filter sticks to the glue stick without sliding.

Step 4 ~ Glue the filter on by wrapping
Wrap the filter tightly around the glue stick. Be sure to hold the glued portion securely too so it does't slide.

(continued in the next post)
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