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Epic Cosplay Purchase

Name of Merchant: Epic Cosplay/Cosplayanime Wigs (Same Company!)
Website: /
Item purchased:
Links to picture(s):
Timeline: Paid for super shipping from Cosplayanime Wigs but then inforned us it'll get to us even QUICKER since their American based place had it in stock and sent it to us, arrived within 2-3 days after ordering.
Describe your Experience...
Pro's - Gorgeous coloring, one of my favorite cosplay wigs I ever ordered. (This was purchased by me, and my friend is wearing it in the picture.) The fibers were fantastic and this wig has yet to tangle even the slightest. She even wore it for a night on the town and people completely believed it was her hair, and it didn't tangle AT ALL. Brilliant and beautiful! Plus the owners are extremely nice and get back to you almost within a 24 period, usually even quicker.
Con's - Color was SLIGHTLY off, but quiet honestly, it looked great still so I had no complaints.
Final Grade:
(A) This wig is great, we took a risk buying from a seller I didn't find much info on, and it was completely worth it.
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