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1-Aizen and Gin) Your whites are blown out. Your white balance seems a bit off because their skin tones look cold, unless that's the effect you're going for because the whites from the coat and their faces are blown. I would've gone for a slightly lower angle, roughly level with their faces or with the table. You cropped off their feet and the tail of the coat. And there's a bag of chips on the table.

2-Tsuikyu) You want to have her switch leg positions or shoot from the other side, otherwise you're kind of shooting into an open crotch, which is just awkward. The white areas are again blown out. And it should be tilted 2-3 degrees counter-clockwise.

3-Matsumoto) Too blurry. Or is she supposed to be ghostly? You can use the walls or the stair rail to steady yourself since you're shooting at 1/8. Otherwise, you'll have to up the ISO again to 1600 to get a shutter speed of 1/15, which would give you a much more usable picture. White Balance should be set to tungsten if you're going to shoot inside without flash.
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