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Originally Posted by RyoWolffe View Post
in my honest opinion. I will have to say most Hetalia cosplayers are ignorants with no knowledge of what is and what isn't offensive. The anime itself is NOT accurate with the retelling of the brutalities of World War II but its more of a mockery of what really happened. Doing something like this is about as offensive as "cosplaying" Osama Bin Laden and standing in front of the World Trade Center ruins while holding a poster of the WTC collapse. You just don't do that!

Speaking of Ignorants and Hetalia, it bugs me that these kids, because they are silly kids, carry the national flags with no respect and even put them on the floor like most props. I am sorry, but in most national flag etiquette, doing that is a MAJOR offense to the national flags.

Though...last year I was a little confused when a friend mentioned being disturbed at all the Hetalia "Nazi" cosplays at Otakon (though she didn't mention them actually doing anything). And I was all "Wha? Hetalia has very little blatent Nazism. You sure that wasn't Hellsing Ultimate?" I mean HU has characters that actually DO wear swastikas. But then again...does any con ever get a disturbing number of Schrödingers? O_o

I sincerely doubt they had malicious intent. I also sincerely doubt that most of them were aware that it was Passover and that there was a Holocaust museum a few blocks away. It's people getting caught up in the excitement...and then doing something really dumb. And not having malicious intent does not change the fact it was a pretty dumb move no matter where you are or what part of the year it is.

I get pretty uncomfortable with the flags too. I used to be in a competitive marching band and there were pretty strict rules about using the flag in a show and a band could be penalized if their color guard twirled a national flag or let one touch the ground. It's been pounded into my brain.
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