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Bruce Heinsius
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#1 I agree with FiveRings. The skin tones look way too bright, even if the location looks properly exposed. The background composition seems very random. You could shoot from several feet higher to make the grass become the background, without the sun or fence being in the shot. A much lower angle would make the tree leave become your background. This would look especially nice with a more blurred background, using a wider aperture. Moving back and shooting with a longer lens would give you more control of what you want out of your shot behind them.

#2 Yes. This angle is so focused on the crotch. The left leg looks awkward to exit the frame, near the angle. Bending that leg to bring it into frame would steer our eyes back to the person. I think the exposure on her is fine...more important than the walls.

#3 Since the bottom railing is much clearer than she is, it is apparent she needed to hold more still with you slow shutter. Color-wise, try your camera on Auto white balance or try the bulb/tungsten setting. The location looks to modern for the location. Cropping out the framed photos on the wall and the chair would help.
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