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Reference Sheets: Kiniro no Koruda 3

An unforgettable summer of music begins--

Kanade has joined the orchestra club at Seisou Academy. While navigating the trials and tribulations of loves, rivals and school life, she needs to prepare for the summer National Championship. All of the characters aren't only good-looking, but they're passionate about music, too!

love simulation
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The main character
Kohinata Kanade
(name changeable)

A girl who came to Seisou Academy out of serious desire to study music. She wears her hair in a bright orange, short bob. Her eyes are deep green.

Check! - Sailor Collar

The collar is shaped like a cape. It may be best to make the shirt and the collar seperate pieces.

The driven leader of the Orchestra Club
Kisaragi Ritsu
cv. Konishi Katsuyuki

Kyouya's older brother and the leader of Seisou Academy's Orchestra Club. His long-sleeved shirt is paired with a dark brown vest.

Check!- Frameless glasses

The glasses are a frameless type and give the impression of "knowledge". They're oval lenses, so they should be simple to find.

(continued in the next post)
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