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Awwwww, sorry to hear that Lady Shinsei! Alvida is awesome, no matter which form she's in! It'll be awesome!

Sanji progress: A little. Mostly research and such. It's almost friggin impossible to find a pink, short sleeve, dress shirt (at least at my Thrift store). I found one at JCPenneys (or of the two) and it cost frigging 30 dollars! (And that was AFTER the special TAKE 50% OFF ORGINAL PRICE)...I might do a long sleeved one (since those seemed to be cheaper and in larger supply) and just cut off part of the sleeves (Maybe I can use the scraps for painting practice for the flower doom circles...but I don't think I'll cut off sleeves until I know how the fabric will react...or have an idea.). I wish I was skizzled (skilled) enough to make a shirt like that, grrrrrr.

I also found goggles on the interwebs that are just like his (sort of). The frames are black and the strap is also black. I'll just paint it orange. I might be able to make some sort of paper mache or fun foam sort of cover for the strap that will still allow it to stretch but be that wierd bulkyish leathery thing strap.
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