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1) overexposed. change your metering to spot or center-weighted so that the foreground gets right exposure. also, you're shooting in the direction of the sun (you can see the sun through the leaves actually, which causes flare) - really bad idea unless you're doing a silhouette, which you're not. light source should be shining on the target, not into your camera.

2) the best of the three you show, but the attention is drawn to the model's leg, which goes off the frame. you seem to be trying to play with dof, but it is not quite working out. the picture would have looked better imo if you moved slightly to the right

3) change white balance - skin tones look unnatural. the shot is misfocused - keep focusing on the person's eyes, unless you're trying something creative, but you probably are not there yet... or maybe it's a hand shaking due to long exposure.

for all three, change composition - you place your target dead in the center. if you're doing a full or half portrait, that's fine, otherwise it's plain boring.

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