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Originally Posted by Frodei View Post
Alright, i'll give this a shot to i guess. Im totally new to the whole cosplay thing, so any ideas are welcome. Preferly not to "Advanced" because im not a pro on sewing.

And i can wear wigs,

Anyway, this is my character stats :

Height - 6'4 ((1.95 meters))
Eyes - Green-grayish
Hair - Not short, and not long either, somewhere in between. My hair color is brown/light brown originally, usually dyes it black though.
Ethnicity:Caucasian/white (( whatever D; ))

Pic :

** Be gentle >.<
You're adorable! XD I think you'd make a good Sosuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic! or Ryuuji Takasu from ToraDora! ^^

Originally Posted by AleriaCarventus View Post
Okay! I have a very specific question. I'm looking to do a Vampire Knight cosplay, but I can't decide between Rima or Ruka. I say Ruka because when I was just looking for general ideas someone said I would make a good Ruka.. but I personally think I look more like Rima, but then again, her wig is harder. So I thought I'd get some opinions!
So, ref pics first:

And then pics of me:
Oh, and I'm 5'2" if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!
I've never seen the show but based off the reference pictures and the pictures of you, I think you look more like Ruka. =)


And now for me and my dilemma... (this a repost because I haven't gotten any responses D: )

Although new suggestions are always appreciated, right now I'm really trying to decide between these two characters: Mihashi from Ookiku Furikabutte/Big Windup! (Oofuri) and Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic! I can only do one of them due to lack of funds so opinions on which one I should do would be greatly appreciated. ^^

Here are some pictures of me:
[tis me] [yay photobooth] [nami wig] [side] [haruhi cosplay]

And here are my stats:
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: ...
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown (but it doesn't matter because I almost always use wigs)
Ethnicity: Half Japanese and half white

And I am okay with wigs, crossplay, and props but I won't do contacts, super revealing stuff, facial hair or anything to change my natural hair (but I <3 wigs).

Thank you!

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