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Originally Posted by Frodei View Post
^ Thanks for the suggestions :P All of them seems like possible cosplay for me to do >.<

Got another question though :

I was wondering if i would be able to Kaito ( Vocaloid )
Got some friends cosplaying from there, and they said i could go as kaito.
Just wanted to see what you think :P

This is kaito (( not magnet version, but, he has same facial structure in both :P))

(( see my picture a few post(s) up ))
Personally, I think you'd make a great Kaito. =D

Originally Posted by Yukikittie View Post
I knew the name when I saw it, you're from Gaia, aren't you?
Do Kaname Chidori. I see you more as her.
Yep! ;D And thanks for your input!
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