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Originally Posted by Hee-Hee View Post
It may just be my personal opinion, but I don't think you can give a rating based solely on the fact that you never received a quote.

The fact that she did start communication yet neglected to complete it is a bit troublesome, but I don't think it ranks on the same scale as, say, if you'd paid for an item and then never heard back from her.

But this is just my two cents. What's your ruling on this, Kanira?
While you have a valid opinion, I would just like to point out that isn't customer service a large part of maintaining a business? If a business owner does not have customers, they make no money. If the commissioner was unavailable to make the costume then she should have said that she was unavailable for the next several months or she would not be able to give me a quote for several months. I would have preferred to be acknowledged and politely turned away from the start instead of responding at first and then completely failing to do any follow-up. In the end it creates an unhappy customer and unhappy customers talk and tell friends about bad experiences which means the business owner starts to develop a bad reputation and in the end it makes for bad business.

While yes she failed to follow-up on her e-mails and it may seem troublesome at the start, things like that can also make customers speculate about what else that she may or may not have time or energy to do. Everything a commissioner does reflects on their business, which is why I don't think follow-up should be seen as less important as any other aspect of the commissioning process.

I'm not trying to flame or anything, I'm just supporting my opinion and my review. If this is deemed unnecessary to post or just plain bad for taking up space in a reviewer's thread, just tell me.

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