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Ok, Well me and my friends are kinda doing a soul eater cosplay group to this con/picnic thing? And we're still trying to decide who wears what sooooo... Could someone tell me whom i look like(if any) from soul eater?^-^;
Height: 5'4 1/2, Weight: 97, Eye's: blue, Hair: Multicolored but i can die it whatever or wear a wig, I don't mind cosplay, contacts: no. Thanks in advance!
Reference pics: g g
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Whops almost forgot to mention, we've already got a Black-Star, Death The Kid, Maka, Soul and I think some of their friends are going as patty and liz... And apparently they(Patty and liz) want me to dress as Chrona but well..I'm not sure if i could fully pull him/her off..Thanks for the suggestions though^-^ And I'm actually not a big fan of Giriko..e kinda creeped me out..XD
P.S. Chrono if you don't know whom he/she is:
Um I posted a few pages back but didn't get an answer, so I thought I'd try again...
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